Search homes for rent with a leasing specialist will take the time and stress out of the rental process!

Did you know that Zillow, Trulia and the top rental websites all pull information from the MLS but many times the listing they show as active are already rented?

On average working with a Leasing Specialist will save you more than 18 hours of search time, multiple trips to view properties. The Leasing Specialist will also save you money in application fees because they will know if you qualify or not. It also ensures you have a professional real estate agent assisting you.

Your Leasing Specialist will search all available homes for rent and work with you to choose the available properties that best fit your criteria. Once your top picks have been identified, they will schedule appointments to view them one after another, so you can compare them all. After you have identified your top choice, they will assist you with submitting your application and work to get you approved quickly and with the best terms possible.

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The Process With Your Leasing Specialist: Homes For Rent

You tell your leasing specialist what you are looking for and they will provide you everything that is currently available to review. With so many scams on Craigslist and an abundance of absentee Landlords, working with an agent and the MLS listed homes for rent is the best way to help ensure you secure a property through professional representation.




Searching For Available Homes For Rent:

The internet is the best place to begin you search and the MLS is the best website date available for rentals that fit your criteria. Did you know that Trulia, Zillow, and many other rental sites pull their information from the MLS.  There are companies that allow people to add fake listings to their data which allow people to take advantage of another.  With starting your search at you can rest a sure that all the homes for rent listed has been vetted by a licensed realtor? Also, did you know they do not update the information in real time which means the best place to search available rentals in our area is where our site is updated daily. 

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Criteria To Consider:

  1. Rental Price:– Depending on the time of year, the rental market can be very competitive for tenants. Be sure to search properties that are within your comfort for monthly rent as you will need to qualify financially for them.
  2. Availability Date / Lease Start Date:– It is difficult to transition a complete move from one property to another in 1 day. Consider having the new lease start date prior to your current lease end date. This will give you some flexibility and will be well worth the double rent if you’re comfortable with the expense.
  3. Special Terms:- Does the property accept or consider pets, does the property have a fully fenced backyard, does it have amenities you require or would you prefer a pool, is it acceptable the way it is.
  4. Acceptance of Current Condition:When searching online and using pictures of prospective rentals to help in the consideration of viewing the property, it is important to keep in mind that the property will be cleaned as a standard.

Preparing The Rental Application In Advance:

Preparing all the information required as well as a generic application will help ensure your timely submission of the application and quick approval. Prior to visiting available rentals, please plan to collect and provide to me the following for each adult (over the age of 18) that will be residing at the property:

  1. The General Application included with this document.
  2. Copy of Driver License
  3. Most recent 2 pay stubs or year to date earning statement
  4. Last year tax returns (complete if self employed)
  5. Supporting document for additional income that you would like to qualify for the application
  6. Pet Information (picture of pet)
  7. Picture of SS Card

The standard in our area for a Security Deposit is equal to 1 Month of rent. If you have any credit issues or special situations you will need to consider a double security deposit to help secure the property. Additionally, the first full month of rent is normally due at lease signing or prior to the lease start date. If the lease begins during the month rather than on the 1st Pro Rated rent will be due. We can calculate the exact amount that will be due at the time of application submission or lease signing.

Touring Homes For Rent:

In order to maximize time and efficiency in the rental search normally a time block of 2-3 hours will be set to see the top 3-6 homes you have chosen that fit your criteria. The appointment normally is during business hours as the properties will more than likely be occupied and during the day is the best time to preview homes. You should plan to make a decision during the appointment. Sometimes an extra 30 minutes or so available at the end of the appointment to revisit the favorite property to help you make your final decision.


The Application Process:

The property will either be self-managed by the owner or it will be professionally managed. Depending on the real estate company coordinating the leasing of the property, there will be different application processes and requirements. The application preparation will be extremely helpful to me in submitting the required documents the real estate company requires. The application completed may be acceptable but the company may require you complete their online application or their specific rental application. They may also need certified funds or may accept online payment. I will communicate with the company and help direct you on how we need to proceed to ensure correct and complete application submission to them.

The application processing can take between 1-5 business days. After timely submission of the application waiting can be frustrating but your new home may require patience and positive thinking to secure. I will follow up with the company and update you to help ensure you are updated as frequently as I am.

Approval and Executing a Lease:

As Your Leasing Specialist, we will be notified of the approval of the application and the deposit will need to be made within 24 to 48 hours.  I will review the lease prior to you signing it and then review it with you we hope to have all your questions answered quickly.  Then you will be presented a lease to sign and the first full month’s rent is due at move in.  Occasionally there are additional pro-rated fees that will be due at move-in.

Preparing to Begin Your Lease:

Utilities: Prior to the lease start date you will need to establish or transfer the individually metered utilities for the property. The water company required that the Landlord or Management Company send an authorization form so you can set up the utilities, so please update me if that has not been completed when you contact the water company. Sometimes the Gas and Power companies will require additional deposits OR you to establish service at their offices in person and bring a copy of your executed lease. Contact the utility providers as far in advance as possible to ensure you have everything set up. This is not a requirement but just a suggestion to get the following services. has phone, internet, phone, Satellite, electricity, security.


Most leases in our area require the tenant to maintain tenant insurance. Review your lease and see if there are any minimum coverage requirements prior to contacting your insurance company. It may be beneficial to contact the insurance provider you already have insurance with to help bundle your insurance and receive the discounts and benefit that come along with multiple policies.

Move In:

If the property is a condo or located in an HOA or community with limited parking or move in requirements it may be necessary to schedule your move in with the association management company. Please review all the paperwork you are provided once the lease is executed. There may also be a Move In fee or deposit required.

Questions During and After: 

As local real estate experts your Leasing Specialist can not only assist you with leasing a home but also purchasing and selling homes. Your Leasing Specialist spend their valuable time helping you locate and lease your new home and are compensated a small amount to offset their expenses, so please consider their time during this process.