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What you need to know about Fulshear property management and real estate investing



Are you considering partnering with Terra Point Property Management for the management of your Fulshear rental property? If so, we have 10 numbers that will give you a glimpse into how we operate and help you decide if we’re a good fit for each other.


Percentage of rent due that we collect each month. This is due to a very tight applicant screening process, a time-tested internal collection process, and the fact that we have a full-time Director of Accounting (Jessica M) whose only job is to ensure our residents pay on-time each month.


The percentage of our tenants renew their leases every year. This is important because turnover leads to vacancy – which is the biggest expense you could potentially have as a landlord. More lease renewals lead to less turnover, which results in fewer expenses for you!


The number of rental applications we’ve processed. After looking at this number of credit and background reports, we know what to look for when it comes to processing Fulshear rental applications. 

30 Days

Although we hope to work together for many years to come, we don’t believe in long-term “forced” contracts. Rather we believe we should earn your business every single day. Should you ever find our services lacking, you can terminate our agreement with a simple 30-day notice; and with no termination fees or penalties. 


That’s not our Fulshear property management office phone number –  it’s my (Stacy Burgin) personal cell number. If you ever have a problem as a client, you can call me directly. Just please don’t call during dinner.

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Pros and Cons of Owning Fulshear Investment Real Estate


Fulshear has become the fastest growing place in Texas for 2020.  Fulshear was listed as the richest small town in Texas on MSN.com.  What used to be a forgotten community of the Greater Houston real estate market has become a high-demand market because of amazing amenities.

Fulshear is located 34-miles west of downtown Houston and has become a very popular Houston suburb and a destination spot for many investors, homeowners, and tenants who are priced out of the downtown Houston market. Part of the draw of Fulshear is the new development of Fulshear with multiple restaurants, shops, live music in the area, and A+ public schools!

Home values are high, but we believe you should consider Fulshear as an investment opportunity as it still has room for price appreciation, is a low-risk real estate investment area, and should provide both short and long term appreciation.

Pros and Cons of Investing in the Fulshear Texas Area

High performing schools


Housing affordability

Local community amenities


Cap rate (investment rate of return) is lower than some other areas

Lower than the average crime rate


Higher taxes

Fastest growing town in Texas in 2020



New development



Overall Fulshear Real Estate Investment Rating


Fulshear Investment Rental Property Fast Facts:

Average Fulshear Home Price:  $484,355

Real estate appreciation over the past 12 months: 0.2%

Average Fulshear Household Income: $165,208

Percentage of Fulshear Homes that are rental properties: 1.6%

Fulshear Resident Median Age: 34.4 

Poverty Level: 2.9%



Median Fulshear Housing Rental Rates

Median Fulshear Housing Rental Rates

Fulshear Rental Trend Summary

Fulshear Rental Trend Summary

Fort Bend County Rent Trends By Bedroom

Fort Bend County Rent Trends By Bedroom




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Fulshear Property Management